Writing – a write.as cues response

This is a response to the write.as cue titled Writing which asks: What benefits do you see writing giving your life?

For me, writing is primarily about expression. Communication is a challenge for me and I’ve observed that it is a challenge for most others. Finding the right words can be difficult when you’re speaking off the cuff. Doing so can be increasingly more difficult if the conversation has turned contentious and the other party (or parties) won’t allow you to get your point across.

Traditional writing usually allows for a more controlled environment. Chances are that you can take more time to find the right words (or at least better words) than when speaking off the cuff. And it’s more difficult for others to shut you up. They can stop reading what you’ve written. They can write their own responses telling you why you’re an idiot. But at least you were able to get your thoughts out.

Also, as I’ve said on my blog before, I sometimes write about subjects that may make some people uncomfortable because I think it’s important that we talk about things we don’t want to talk about.